annie’s parlour

On Tuesday I went to Annie’s Parlour, which is known for their amazing shakes and malts. I went to get a fun treat for Valentine’s Day, but in this post I will use some pictures from another time I went!

Annie’s is located in Dinkytown, which in turn is close to the UMN so it is a very popular spot among the the students. Annie’s is also a very good place for date because their shakes are so big you can very easily share one and save a little money, which I know college kids really appreciate!

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They have a wide variety of  shake and malt flavors, but I wold recommend getting a buddy who likes the same flavor as you, because finishing one all by yourself is a pretty daunting task. Another way to make sure you get your moneys worth is to ask for a to go cup for the remaining part of shake!

And since the malts are so massive I recommend a side of fries (which are amazing) or an  order of onion rings or anything to balance out the massive amounts of sugar in the malts!

In the picture above, my friends and I ordered the Oreo Malts which are SO good! I also really like the honey malt! If you’re looking something more sweet I would go with the Oreo! but when isn’t Oreo anything amazing?!


The atmosphere and the aesthetic of the place is great, very cozy and timeless! It’s a mix of woodsy cabin and retro diner, which probably seems like a very uncommon mixture of decor, but they really make it work!

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